Case Compatibility with your Favorite GLC Clutch

March 25, 2020 4 min read

Case Compatibility with your Favorite GLC Clutch

I’m a clutz. I’ll admit it. I am the "Queen of Cracked Screens" and scratched tech. I’m strongly considering buying stock in my mobile provider’s insurance coverage, because I file claims often enough to know they’re doing well.

Anyone else? 

If you’re like me, or know someone who is, protecting your tech is just as important as carrying it in your favorite clutch or bag. The perpetual paradox of device protection versus fashion lives on in those of us who regularly run this risk. I wanted to tell you a little about my experience with case sizing in some of my favorite Glass Ladder products.

In this blog we review cases for both Tablets and Cell Phones.

For a tablet we reviewed:

  • Speck Folio Case
  • Logitech / Keyboard Cases
  • OtterBox case

For cell phones we reviewed:

  • OtterBox Defender
  • OtterBox Commuter series
  • a standard silicone case

The Marilyn Mini

I love to use this clutch for my tablet. My 9.7” iPad fits snug and secure inside this pebbled grain product! When I got my iPad, I thought perhaps I could go case-less, since it pretty much lived inside the Marilyn Mini. I quickly learned however, that my clumsy ways were no match for this elegant product!  I took my Marilyn Mini shopping with me and tried several cases.


Speck Folio

The Speck folio iPad case was definitely the winner. With a slim build, locking folio feature, and soft, scratch resistant interior, this case seems to do just the trick. Shock resistance is still available, despite the smaller design. This adds minimal to the size of your iPad or tablet, and allows it to still fit perfectly! 

Logitech / Keyboard Cases

I did also consider the Logitech keyboard case. While I love my tablet, I’m always a lover of your traditional keyboard. This keyboard case just didn’t fit at all. The clutch wouldn’t close and if it did, the seams were stretched way too far! I tried several other off brand keyboard cases, and had very similar outcomes. 


My go to is always OtterBox, for resiliency sake. However, the OtterBox made it difficult to use some of the interior pockets along the device pocket. It also made the clutch close with a lumpy and unattractive look. While this could certainly work if you are fearful of damage, just know it may minimize the usability of several interior slots.


The Megan

The extra space in the Megan definitely allowed me to have all of my essentials together. Paperwork, tablet, and all of my chargers, cards, and more.


Speck Folio

The Speck case also fit perfectly, of course.

Logitech / Keyboard Cases

I did find that the Logitech keyboard case did also fit well, with a lot more ease than in the Marilyn Mini.


The OtterBox and similar style cases were still a bit bulky for the look I wanted, but definitely much less pronounced in the Megan.


Essentially, in the Megan any of these could work, but the best looking option was definitely still the Speck Folio case. The forgiving Pebbled Grain vegan leather made some of the larger cases fit more smoothly than I had expected.  Out of all of these options, I found the Speck Folio case to be my favorite case, with a separate Bluetooth keyboard that fit perfectly in the front most pocket!


The Marilyn

Speck Folio

As you can probably expect by now, the Speck Folio was a perfect fit! Similar in size to the Megan, the Marilyn had a very similar feel to it with this tablet inside.

Logitech / Keyboard Cases

The Logitech Keyboard case did not fit well inside the Marilyn. The sleek, smooth grain material is true to its form, which is generally a favorable feature to this clutch. However, for fitting this case, the strong structure for the Marilyn did not let this work easily. Alternatively, an external tablet keyboard that is not attached did fit well! So all of you who need an external keyboard, worry not! There are definitely still options to keep your favorite tech in your Marilyn!

Otter Box

Open covered cases (like Otter Box) definitely felt very secure with the micro-suede lining. However, the bulkier the case was, the harder it was to smoothly fit this tablet inside. The more “true to form” smooth grain vegan leather did not have the give for some of the larger cases.

If the heavy duty case is for you, we’d definitely encourage you to explore a pebbled grain product! 

The Amelia

As a bonus, I wanted to also check out how cases impacted the fit of cell phones inside the Amelia.

OtterBox Defender

The OtterBox Defender, as you probably can image, was entirely too large. The Travel Wallet couldn’t close, and when I tried nothing else could fit inside.

OtterBox Commuter 

The OtterBox Commuter Series fit perfectly!  The smooth texture of the  OtterBox Commuter Series actually allowed for this to slide in more easily, and worked the best with this material. The hatched feeling to the Saffiano grain product made the silicone not slide in and out as easily. The hard plastic of the OtterBox case in contrast, worked really well!

Standard Silicone Case

 As you can probably imagine a standard silicone case did fit well inside the Marilyn. But a perfect fit isn't the only factor to consider. While it did fit in well, the texture of the case did not slide in as easily, as I mentioned above. While definitely convenient because it adds the least bulk to your device, just keep in mind that the ease of storing this style is a bit challenging. 

Remember:non-plus sized phones are the best choice for storing inside the Amelia. Plus sized phones don’t fit well and were not intended for this product. 

Want to know more about device protection and Glass Ladder products? If you have specific questions about how a case can fit inside the clutch you’d love, let us know! You can reach out to our support team or by text at 256-377-6814!

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