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How to “Sleigh” your Holiday Gifting this Year

November 19, 2019 3 min read

How to “Sleigh” your Holiday Gifting this Year

Over time, my holiday shopping has been boiled down to a science. I think it’s safe to say I’ve cracked the code on how to have the most ENJOYABLE holiday shopping experience ever, and I’m excited to share my methods with you! I’m known as a very organized person, not simply because I design products that solely revolve around organization but because I like to embrace organization in EVERY aspect of my life (including my refrigerator). A few of my close friends and family have actually dubbed me their very own “Marie Kondo.”


Step 1: Make a List, Check It Twice

When doing your shopping, it’s extremely helpful to have a written list of who you need to buy presents for. Be sure to double-check this list so that you don’t accidentally forget someone! I usually write this in a draft on my phone and utilize the checkbox feature so I can check them off as I go. I even go back to my old list from the year prior, just to see who I gifted last year and what I got them! This helps to make sure I don’t gift them something too similar year after year.



Step 2: Search for Sales

I usually do my research a few days before Black Friday to find out what deals are going on and which brands I want to be sure to check up on during this notorious sale time. I write down which websites (or stores) I want to visit and when the sale is taking place. Note: Over the years, I have actually transitioned to complete online shopping and I have never looked back.Although, it’s nice to stop by the mall during this time of year to see the decorations and get a hot cup of joe – I absolutely hate being stuck in a crowd for too long, waiting in long lines, and struggling to carry all my bags back through the frenzied parking lots. I personally find I have a much more enjoyable experience doing my shopping online.


Step 3: Shop 'til you Drop

Don’t be shy girl, you know the drill! Pour yourself a glass of wine or a steamy cup of hot cocoa, put your slippers on, (face mask optional 😉) and get your online shopping groove on! I usually accompany this process with a classic holiday movie in the background. As I shop, I go down the list on my phone to see who else I have not gotten gifts for. I try to knock out as many people on my list as possible during Black Friday or Cyber Monday, to take advantage of the sales. Last year, I was actually able to get every person on my list checked off during the major sale weekend.


Step 4: Wrap it Up

The best part about this method of shopping is that I will usually receive only a few gifts in the mail every couple of days. I get my wrapping paper, ribbons, and bags in advance and as each package comes in I slowly wrap 2-3 at a time. As I finish wrapping each one, I add a present emoji next to the recipient's name in my note. This way I have an updated list of who’s gift still has not come in the mail. This allows me to stay on top of my orders and gives me enough time to contact customer support if my order is falling behind schedule. I really enjoy wrapping presents so I prefer to slowly space it out and keep adding them under my tree as the season progresses. This is actually nice to avoid feeling overwhelmed by a pile of unwrapped presents and doing it all at once (been there, done that)! Whatever your preference, if you don’t particularly enjoy the wrapping process, stock up on gift bags of all sizes and tissue paper! I usually get my wrapping supplies immediately after Black Friday weekend so I have a rough idea of how many boxes/bags and what size I will need.


This process evolves a little bit every year but I truly feel like I have developed the perfect holiday shopping experience for myself! What’s your idea of the perfect holiday shopping experience?

I hope you have a magical holiday season and an enjoyable shopping experience this year!


Warm holiday wishes!


-Megan Larsen


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