How it’s Made: Intentional Craftsmanship

February 12, 2019 3 min read

How it’s Made: Intentional Craftsmanship

As a consumer it’s important to ask how your products are being made. We want to take you through the step by step process of how we create our designs, just for you!

The entire process takes a few months and begins with a brainstorm session, followed by cardboard mock ups, and finely detailed sketches. Each product goes through 5-7 prototyping rounds to make sure the design is perfect!

We hand select every little detail, all the way down to the lining fabrics and buttons. We work closely with our artisans overseas throughout the entire process! We are perfectionists when it comes to the quality of your order and our attention to detail ensures that you will feel like it was made just for you... because it was!


Often times our brainstorming begins with our personal experiences. As a female business owner I often find myself wishing for certain accessories or thinking how nice would it to have something like THIS exist!

I bounce my ideas off a few trusted business partners and confidants and begin to imagine what a consumer would want from this product. Accessibility? Travel friendly? A gorgeous design? I take these elements and try to incorporate them into a sketch.





A sketch usually experiences 3 or more rounds. I create a rough draft in my sketchpad purely based off the visual aspect and begin to add in the given elements.

After a few rounds we create a scaled model sketch that is proportionately designed to what the actual product will look and feel like. We usually note key features, ideal colors, and accent patterns or interior lining notes.




Mockups come in all different shapes and sized but usually it starts with a good old cardboard. The sketch gets graphed on the cardboard and we begin to assemble a rough mockup in order to confirm size, design, and functionality.

Sometimes we follow a cardboard mockup based off a felt or fabric mockup to get a more lifelike feel to the product design.


We work closely with our skilled artisans overseas to turn our sketches and mock ups into the final product.

The prototyping process usually takes a few different rounds to finalize every detail and make sure that we get the design jusssst right.

The entire product is designed with our consumers in mind from the drawing board, to the material selection, to the final design. After the design is finalized we are able to provide these beautiful products to our customers.

Every single order is hand wrapped and packaged with love by our small Southern California based team.






Lastly, our customers have the option to personalize each design specifically to them. Most of our items have a customization option where they are able to choose their name, initials, or business logo to engrave or emboss into their items. Perfect for gifting or giving a special touch to your own purchase, the customization is done in house by our team while preparing your order for shipment.

We adore our customers and want to make sure we’re delivering high quality eco-friendly items with amazing customer service and we encourage feedback from all of our wonderful customers. All of our items are made with Vegan Leather, recycled paper, or other sustainable materials whenever possible. To read more about why choosing Vegan Leather products is important check out our article “Why Vegan Leather: Conscious Consumerism”!


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