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Introducing…….The Amelia!

July 29, 2019 3 min read

Introducing…….The Amelia!

We are thrilled to introduce the Amelia! This product was created with the traveler in mind. Whether you are someone who loves to travel and explore, or are always on the go for work, the Amelia is meant for you! There are a few things about the Amelia that make this product even more unique then any of our other designs.

A Carmel colored Amelia with gold corner protective hardware lays on a green leafy background,c with a pair of sunglasses and a white flower

First, the Amelia is the GLC product with the most color variety. Available in five different colors, the Amelia has more options then ever before! Additionally, this product is the first Glass Ladder & Co product to be released in Cherry Red, Camel, or Navy. Aside from the variety of the Amelia, this is also the first design made from Saffiano grain vegan leather, making it one of our most durable products to date. This cross hatched style of material is scratch and stain resistant! The exterior corners of the Amelia are protected with protective metal corner coverings.

The Amelia was made for every adventure! Inside the Amelia has 8 different pockets. On the left hand side, there are two card slots, perfect for credit, debit, or even gift cards. If I want to bring more than just two credit cards, I usually place 2 cards in each slot or tuck any additional cards behind the ID sleeve.

Behind these card holder slots is an open ended sleeve for storing boarding passes, travel paperwork, receipts, or rental car papers.

There is one more pocket on the left hand side behind this that is perfect for storing cash, slim fit phones, or small notepads! 

The right side of the Amelia features two larger front pockets, that can also hold passports, extra cards, receipts, tickets and more. A third pocket in the front of the right side is meant for a photo identification card, metro card, or business card depending on your travel needs!

The side also has a full length money sleeve behind it. The possibilities for organizing your travel necessities are endless! Whether you want to store extra receipts, notes, or international currency, you’re sure to find a use for easy and every diverse pocket. 


Lastly, just above the snap closure is a pen loop for pens or styluses that flips out when you want to use it but tucks away inside the travel wallet when not in use! Snap the button closure to add another layer of security and you’re ready to go. 

A closed cherry red Amelia laying on a green leafy background with a white flower is visible. You can see the gold hardware on the corners and a blue pen inserted in the pen loop

BONUS POINTS: The Amelia comes equipped with RFID Anti-Skimming technology. There are so many different ways for our personal information, bank accounts, and credit cards to be compromised on a daily basis. Scanning technology makes it easier then ever to succumb to these situations. We know how important it is to keep your personal information safe and secure; so we thought this was an important feature to the add to the Amelia! Since the Amelia was created to house so many different types of personal documents, security seemed crucial to include.  This RFID Anti-skimming technology keeps you and your information safe, without compromising the look and feel of the product!


 A pink Amelia rests on top of a Carmel one, with two passports fanned out to the left of the products

The Amelia may seem small, but with a durable material, and lots of space, any traveler can be organized and ready to go. Whether your headed for a weekend getaway, international travel, or prefer to use the Amelia as a Daily Wallet, we look forward to “taking flight” with you!

The Amelia was named after Amelia Earhart, a pioneer in American History, the Women’s rights movement, and aviation. 

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