Katherine Featured in the Spring CAUSEBOX!

March 02, 2021 4 min read

Katherine Featured in the Spring CAUSEBOX!

Our newest Glass Ladder & Co. design has just entered the scene! If you have seen some sneak peaks of this amazing new design, and are looking for more details to dig into- you've come to the right place! We're going to share all the most frequently asked questions about The Katherine Tech Roll Up, featured in the Spring CAUSEBOX.

What colors is it available in?

The Katherine Tech Roll Up featured in CAUSEBOX will be available in our new, gorgeous Honey color! If and when we release new color options, you can sign up to be notified by providing your email address here.

What materials are used for this design?

Made from our soft, pebbled grain vegan leather, this roll up is designed to keep all of your tech needs organized when you're on the go. You might recognize this soft buttery material from some of our other designs. This material was also used for: The Megan Portfolio Clutch and The Marilyn Mini Organizer Clutch!

Where can I buy it?

Right now it is only available through CAUSEBOX directly. However, we will be releasing this on our website in the future and you will be able to purchase directly from us at that time!




What can I store inside of it?

Headphones, chargers, AirPods, SD cards, flash drives, batteries and more all fit perfectly in this one convenient design. Two larger pockets can hold some of your other must haves, too. No more tangled chargers mixed in with all of your other essentials! Organization has just become so much easier.

What other ways can I use it?

One of the things we love about this roll up is that there are so many ways to use it. While it was designed to organize cords and wires, it can also work in other ways. It can be a great product for storing make up brushes, the smallest essential must have's (think chapstick or lip gloss, a couple of credit cards) and more. This is the perfect roll up to use for all of your work related tech both in home or at the office. No matter where you are, the Katherine can keep all of your items neat and organized. The Katherine is also perfect for traveling. We all know the nightmares of tangled wires smashed in with everything else in your carry on bags. Make your chargers easy to find with this perfect travel companion


What phones are compatible?

In this design smaller phones will fit well. However if your phone is a "plus" of any variety, they will currently be too large for this organizer. *Note: phones that are not a plus sized phone may still have issues fitting if they have larger cases, or other protective gear that adds size and bulk.* 



What are the dimensions?

The Katherine is designed for ease and portability. This compact design is 20" x 6.5" when fully unrolled. Once you roll the Katherine the dimensions can vary depending on what size items your are storing in it. They are approximately 6.5" x 5" x 2" when it is empty it comes in a box 7" x 5" x 2".
The largest pocket offers space for smaller cell phones, a wireless mouse, or smaller portable battery pack. The open pocket pictured with a phone is 6.5" x 3.5"

What is the best way clean it, protect it, and store it?

The Katherine is best cleaned with warm water, soap and a terrycloth for lighter stains. Heavier stains will respond better to a magic eraser with a small amount of Dawn dish soap. Gently rub in circles to lift a stain or dirt with a soft towel. You can also clean and protect the Katherine with any high quality leather cleaner. The Katherine should be stored in room temperature environments, away from any printed materials with ink. If you are receiving the Katherine and don't have a dust bag, it may be wise to consider getting one to store this even more safely, The Medium Sized dust bag is the best fit for The Katherine. Always be sure not to store vegan leather products with other items to avoid any damages.


What GL&Co. bags does Katherine fit in?

The Katherine is a convenient, smaller design that will fit well in any of the following bags:

"Why Katherine?"

The Katherine was named after an incredibly inspirational woman in history, Katherine Johnson. In honor of Women's history month we are thankful for the privilege to be able to name this product after such an incredibly intelligent and impactful woman. Katherine was a Black, female NASA mathematician. Her amazing work is most notably remembered for using her skills to calculate trajectories that were able to allow man to land on the moon. Her remarkable work has been the foundation of countless valuable discoveries since then. Her New York Times obituary said it best:

"They asked Katherine Johnson for the moon, and she gave it to them"

It is a privilege to be able to commemorate the work of this remarkable woman through this product.
From its stunning honey color, to the ability to honor Katherine Johnson, this product in the Spring CAUSEBOX is one we are "over the moon" about, and we know you will be too! If you have any questions about the Katherine, please reach out to our customer support team by email at: support@glassladderco.com

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