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Product Care Tips

July 16, 2020 2 min read

Product Care Tips

You've just snagged your latest Glass Ladder & Co. product. Once it arrives, you may be tempted to zealously free it from the packaging and dive into the best ways to start using it! We don't blame you one bit ;).

But as you do, we also want to make sure you are armed with all the info you need to keep your GLC products clean, protected and looking on point! These are some of our best tips for product care and protection.


Storing Your Products

How to store your products is so important! Knowing the best ways to keep your products protected when they aren't in use can help to avoid unexpected issues when you pull it out to use it next. 

  • Be sure to empty your products before storing. Remove any papers or pens to avoid ink smearing or pens bursting while being stored. Smudged ink can smeer, damaging both your product and the documents. 
  • Avoid extreme temperatures. As with many other products, storing in very cold or hot temperatures can have adverse effects, particularly if you do happen to accidentally leave paper or other items inside. As a general rule, all of your accessories should be safely stored at room temperature. 
  • Use your dust bag! Our dust bags, made from eco-friendly silk alternatives, are included with every purchase to ensure that you are able to keep your product safe in storage. This avoids any scratching or damages that can happen when products are stored. 

Protecting Your Products

We have lots of important tips for keeping your products protected while they are being stored. However, being pro-active in protecting your products during daily use is just as important! You can keep your products safe, un-scratched, and looking fresh with these few tips!

  • Use a leather protectant spray routinely on your products. While our products are made out of vegan leather instead of standard leather, these protectant products will work just the same! We definitely encourage using this every 4-6 weeks for the best, most consistent results. 
  • Polish your products! Leather polishes will work great in keeping your products looking fresh, and smelling / feeling fresh! Pretty much any leather polish will do the trick. 

Cleaning Your Products

Cleaning your products can take a few different strategies depending on what you are trying to clean! Want more details on the best ways to do this? Check out our blog post on exactly this!

If you have questions or need more information on any of these points, our customer service team is glad to help! Reach out to us anytime by email at support@glassladderco.com. For text subscribers, you can contact our text message support at 833-567-1446

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