Social Media Marketing Hacks you Need to Know to Dominate this Fall!

August 30, 2017 5 min read

Social Media Marketing Hacks you Need to Know to Dominate this Fall!



It seems that every summer somewhere between the margaritas and the beach days, motivation and inspiration run dry. Without fail, I feel an energizing shift as fall begins to set in, a fire inside me to jump back up and really start taking my life and my work into my own hands. This is a guide to help you milk this moment for all that it’s worth so that you can ride that inspiration wave all the way to shore and really make a difference this Fall.



Let’s talk about the blogging and small business world in September 2017. The social media and digital marketing game are more competitive than ever and there’s new tools and features coming out across all social media platforms. There’s some very real things happening in the world and a lot of controversial opinions about them. This is your time to dominate your field, but you need to strike while the irons hot! No more procrastinating, no more putting off the things you KNOW are going to make you and your business better. It’s not a secret that September is a particularly lucrative and bustling month for most businesses, followed by a slow end to the summer months. As you can see in the data presented by Trading Economics, 2016 followed this yearly pattern of sky rocketing businesses in September. Read on to hear our secrets to killing it in your business this Fall!




1.)    Come up with a Plan

If you’ve got a fire in your belly and you’re ready to get your game on this Fall, that’s great! But quite frankly enthusiasm isn’t much if you haven ‘t got a well thought out plan. If you’re just starting your business you can check out our business planner here.


2.)    Get Motivated

Treat yourself! Allow yourself to find motivation and inspiration in everything you do. Do botanical gardens inspire you? Does beautiful office décor inspire you? Whatever it is that makes you feel like total boss and inspires you to work even harder- go for it!

3.)    Get Creative


You can’t use the same cookie cutter plan as everyone else, so you’re going to have to get creative and stay AHEAD of the curve!

First, you should subscribe to some really great marketing and tech news email updates if you haven’t already. Some of my personal favorites are Gary Vaynerchuck, Neil Patel, and The Skimm for your daily dose of news. Staying up to date on news will help your content stay relevant. Don’t be afraid to voice your opinion, even if it may lead to controversy.

You need to ask yourself a very important question: What platforms should you be on? Are you currently on those platforms or are you putting all your eggs in one basket? As you can see in the DreamGrow data below, Facebook is by far the most popular platform on social media. However that doesn’t discredit the other platforms. Each social media channel has a unique audience, that may align with your own. You can read more about which platform might be best for you here.



Stepping up your Content Game

More important than your platforms, is the content you’re producing. Everyone knows that content is king right now in the marketing world. Here’s the latest trends you should be up to date on and ready to grapple with this fall.




If you’re not using the LIVE features right now, you really should be. I’ll admit this is a hard thing to get past, as a perfectionist myself it’s difficult to produce something so raw. I’m not oblivious though, I do know that using LIVE on all social platforms is an excellent way to accelerate growth and build a community out of your audience. TIP: When going live be sure to advertise it on all social media leading up to your broadcast time. People are more likely to tune in if they’re aware you’ll be live at 4pm.


Shoppable Ads on Instagram

 Instagram has been rolling out a lot of new features, the “Swipe up” feature (something exclusive to those over 10K Followers), Filters, Live features, algorithms, it seems to be never ending. One of the most beneficial features they’ve recently released is the shoppable picture options. Most are familiar with by now but there’s a new kid on the block and it’s the result of a partnership between Instagram and Planoly. For those of you not familiar with Planoly, it’s an App that helps you plan your Instagram feed by viewing your “future” grid, working on captions, and scheduling reminders to post. Now it has added the feature to create “shoppable” posts and I must say I’m a fan.



Instagram Stories

Stories are useful in a number of ways… drawing traffic to your most recent post, drawing attention to your website, or engaging with your audience in a fun playful manner. Since the algorithm is now post based for Instagram, depending on the day, some of your followers might never see your posts. Using stories is an effective way to combat this! Without a doubt video content is the most difficult to create but also the most engaging.


Video Content

Speaking of video content, I that’s a pretty blanket statement as well. Video is rapidly taking over the internet and all social platforms!

Think of the content that’s really caught your attention lately and ask yourself why? Pay attention to the content you scroll past and the content that you engage with, what’s the difference?

Maybe it’s better copy, eye catching headlines, high quality video content or a number of other factors. It’s important to pay attention to this and keep this in mind when creating your own content! Looking at the data above you can see YouTube is the second largest social media website, which is obviously, video based content.




New Editing Apps and Cool Features

In addition to in app features for social media there’s a lot of new cool apps that can enhance your content as well. Aside from the traditional editing apps the two you should be checking out are more unique than just slapping a filter on it.

Glitche- Allows you to create numerous variations of images that “glitch” as they pulse back and forth it creates a video out of an image.

Plotagraph- allows you to create a moving background, think moving ocean, clouds, or ground in a picture!

So what have we learned? There is a TON of new changes to our beloved social platforms and there’s only going to be more moving forward. It’s time to get on your hustle and start giving your business (and yourself) the attention that it deserves. Invest in your business, invest in the time it takes to create better content, invest in the resources to do the research of what will work for you and your audience, and invest in what is going to inspire you.


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