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How to Care for your Vegan Leather Accessories

September 07, 2019 2 min read

How to Care for your Vegan Leather Accessories

We all know that sinking feeling we get when our favorite clutch or bag ends up stained as part of a rushed morning coffee mishap. While we all do our best to make sure our products are well taken care of, things happen. Knowing how to take care of your vegan leather products can help make those stains or scuffs preventable or easily cleaned!

To clean and protect your vegan leather bags, we start with recommending a good quality leather cleaner. We definitely recommend polishing vegan leather products once every few weeks to keep your product, clean, protected and smelling like genuine leather! This can also help mitigate any odors that you notice from warehousing or storage, as well as add a protective coating that keeps your products stain or scratch free! For best results, use the cleaner BEFORE the stain incident if possible. This will help to protect the foundation of the material and add a protective barrier.


In addition to warm soap and water, you can also use leather cleaner and a soft, clean cloth to gently scrub any new scuffs or stains. Try to avoid aggressive scrubbing; even with heavy stains, aggressive scrubbing can be harmful to the leather.


There are also some important tips and tricks to keeping your clutch in the best condition. Remember to store your products in a protective dust cover, and avoid extreme heat or cold. Extreme temperatures can cause ink on papers or brochures to become prone to running, which can also stain your vegan leather designs. If you are rough with your items or tend to be stain prone be sure to research with texture/material type is right for you

As with any bag, it is also important to be careful to avoid overfilling. All of our products are made to be used to capacity, but overfilling can strain the closures or stitching. If you have to pull hard to get the product closed, you may want to consider a larger size.


Always choose your preferred products wisely. While all of our products are durable, certain materials are best for the accident-susceptible girl. Any of our products in smooth or Saffiano grain leather have a bit more resiliency and stain resistance, making these the perfect products if you are a bit tough on your bags. Color preference should also be something to consider. Darker colored products will do better with heavy, darker stains, where lighter colors may be more challenging to clean if ink or something similar comes in contact with your product.


Whether you are new to vegan leather, or concerned about a recent stain the above tips should help keep your products in the best condition. Our support team is always available if you have a question about a specific product or stain.

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