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We aim for our brand and designs to be inclusive for all, but we understand this is a continually evolving process. We would love to hear any suggestions you have that could help us further improve — we’re listening!

Additionally, we are committed to ensuring that our website and mobile applications are accessible to individuals with disabilities. If you need assistance using our website or mobile application, or assistance with a PDF, or if you have specific questions or concerns about the accessibility of this site, we can help you.

You can reach our support team at

"Accessibility is hard to find in the fashion world. Even harder still, is it hard to find someone who has the humility to admit the need to change. Glass Ladder & Co has prioritized accessibility in their design, butalso in their operations. And on numerous occasions have learned how to adjust what they do in order to meet the needs of customers with disabilities. My Michelle bag has been PERFECT for carrying my dailyessentials for both my routine and disability related needs. The magnetic closure allows me to use abeautiful bag without limitations, and the staff have worked hard to learn what accessibility needs I have! I am a proud supporter of this business as a woman, and a prouder one because of their commitment tomaking the fashion world available to everyone!"

Hailey G. (Canada)

"I adore all of the little details that make life easier in perhaps unexpected ways. The Diana is large, spacious, but far from feeling bulky or a burden to carry about. This bag is incredibly well designed and manufactured, the mere quality of the material is phenomenal. very durable, steady structured, yet flexible and lightweight. The straps are the perfect length, and are easily adjustable, plus the feature of swiftly sliding into another position while on the go to carry in another style. amazing. My primary attraction to this design was its seamless transition from backpack to crossbody, though I see myself using it as back carry more. This is because of my disability making it hard to carry anything anywhere, and no designer having every box checked in terms of comfort and organization. Diana is a huge YES to every necessity."

Anna M.

"From the cupholders, to all the pockets, to the strap options, Glass Ladder & Co. has become my number one go to four beautiful and adaptable bags. As a woman– I can appreciate the look and the quality of my Glass Ladder bags. As a mom– I can appreciate how much I can pack into these bags. And, as a person with a disability– I can appreciate the different strap and carrying styles that make it easier for me to work with my service dog or use a cane. All the extra pockets allow me to carry service dog equipment in addition to the things I need for myself and my child. I could not ask for better products that adapt to my life and meet me where I’m at. Just like their products, Glass Ladder & Co as a business are willing to meet their customers where they are, willing to listen to what their customers need, and ready to make changes to make it a more accessible world."

Jordan L. (Florida)

"The descriptions of the products are fantastic and super helpful, since I am totally blind, and have trouble picturing what things look like if I have not seen them in person. The description of my Diana Mini allowed me to picture it very accurately before I received it. I love the keychain, wallet for organizing my cards, and the Diana and Diana Mini help me organize everything I need to bring with me including my 20-cell braille display and a collapsable bowl for my guide dog, snacks for my 2-year-old, and more."

Jenna M.

Loyal Customer

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A Note from Our CEO + Designer

Accessibility and inclusivity are important pillars of our design process. Growing up with a sister who is visually impaired taught me the importance of putting accessibility at the forefront of design, rather than as an afterthought. My older sister, Danielle, is one of the smartest, most capable women I know- I’m so proud to be her sister and work alongside her to build this business. Danielle helps to provide her insight and personal experience during the design process to help make our designs the best we possibly can!

Because supporting people with disabilities is important to us, we’ve made it a priority to donate to various organizations over the years such as: Easterseals via the Division of Developmental Disabilities, Guide Dogs of the Desert, Mobility Dog, The Seeing Eye Inc. and more. If there’s a specific organization you’d like to see us support we’d love to hear from you!