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Stock, Design, & Product FAQ

Our products are currently ethically made in China. We work exclusively with an experienced and knowledgeable manufacturing company overseas - located in the Shenzhen district, near Guangdong. Our manufacturer helps us to create our designs. We typically begin with a sketched design of our vision and a rough mock up. We then work alongside our manufacturing team to bring our designs to life! They are experts in the Vegan Leather industry and their knowledge is unparalleled by any other manufacturer that we have worked with in the past. Our manufacturers have been in business for many years, working with many companies like ours. They have their own in house equipment, vegan leather experts, and quality assurance teams. All of our materials are officially PETA Approved, and Farm Sanctuary "Animal Free". These are certifications we put in place when we created a strong and exclusive relationship with this vendor. All of our products are sustainable, and we strive to continue moving forward in this direction as we grow! We believe that as business owners, we have a responsibility to make conscious choices concerning the materials we use and the sell. 

There are a few key differences to the Megan and the Marilyn. Although they are the same size and have some similar features, here are the key differences:

The Megan is double layer pebbled material with a matte finish, double layer means the material is twice as thick. It is an envelope style flap, comes with accented hardware (the metal button comes in gold, rose gold, or silver).

The Marilyn is a single layer smooth material with a glossy finish. All Marilyn designs come with only Gold hardware. The Marilyn comes with a Pen Holster and the front inside area (with the cord strap, card slots, etc.) of the Marilyn is larger and is able to fit an iPhone/Android in this pocket for this design. The Marilyn also comes with an Ultra Suede interior for an added layer of protection.

The Hepburn is a very different design! This bag in not folio style, it opens like a traditional bag and the body is more or less 16" pocket. The Hepburn is 3 inches wider, comes with a gold cross-body strap, and has a magnetic closure for easy access on the go. This design is made with single layer smooth material with a glossy finish and the interior is Ultra Suede.

Please visit our “Returns & Policies” page to see if your request falls within our policy! If you are within our policy, please open a support ticket by emailing or by messaging us in the Help Chat on our website. (This is the pink bubble in the bottom right corner of our website.)

Thank you so much for your interest! We design and manufacture all of our own products so no one else carries them at this time, GLC designs are only available on our website. You can stay updated on new designs, restocking notifications, and new colors available by subscribing to our email list or following us on social media.

Vegan Leather

No, PETA is one of the few organizations that offers a certification for what we do. Unfortunately, there aren’t many organizations that check and verify the materials you use. Without a certification, any company could claim to use “Vegan Leather” or cruelty free products without any outside organization verifying this or holding them responsible. We are also certified by Farm Sanctuary as an “Animal Free” company.

As more organizations offer this certification we will continue to expand and have our material endorsed. This does not mean that we particularly support or align with these given organizations and we do not donate any proceeds to these organizations. They simply offer certification that we are offering what we say that we are - high grade sustainable alternatives to leather products.

In regards to care instructions, we recommend polishing your Vegan Leather items once every few weeks to keep them fresh, clean, and protected. If you don't already have a leather polish we highly recommend using Smart Leather which can be found on Amazon for under $10 or is available at most Ace Hardware Stores. Use a quarter sized drop of leather polish with a terry cloth and gently massage into the material. Avoid aggressive scrubbing or friction. Although, this material is fairly stain resistant the lighter colors will hard dark stains. We actually did a stain test and here's what we found.

Before attempting to polish remove the excess stain by gently dabbing a dry paper towel on top. Then proceed to polish the item as instructed above. Polish will remove foundation, concealer, dirt or mud. Things that will stain the light colored leather include dark lipsticks, liquid eyeliner and mascara, and pen marks. The polish can certainly lighten these stains but unfortunately can not completely remove them. If you're like me and tend to stain things with foundation, then that shouldn't be a problem! It's mostly darker and heavier stains that will result in discoloration. If you are concerned about staining with any of the aforementioned substances, I recommended purchase our black, maroon, or darker colored items.

No, we will never release products that harm animals in the making! We think this is an important value to have as a business. Businesses can make a huge impact on animal cruelty (as well as the environment) if they make more conscious choices. Since businesses manufacture at scale, one choice can cause a huge ripple effect.

Our leather material is made from sustainable and cruelty free alternatives.There are literally DOZENS of Vegan Leather types to choose from, some are made from fruit, like apples or pineapples, some are recycled from plastic bottles, but the majority is made through a chemical process. Really any kind will require a chemical process to make it into a synthetic leather. We think this is exciting and are working to try out different types of Vegan Leather depending on the bag and style we are going for! The most harmful type of synthetic leather is called PVC which is commonly used by big box retailers and designers (such as Michael Kors.) We avoid using this material at all costs since it isn't as friendly to the environment as other leather alternatives. PVC is what gives most other Vegan Leather materials a bad name, it's commonly referred to as “plastic” and can fade and distort over time.

At this time, all of our designs are made with variations of Micro-Fiber and EPU (also known as Solvent Free Polyurethane) which is free from harmful chemicals such as Dioxins, Vinyl, PVC, and other “Plasticisers.” EPU is a type of PU leather, that's basically new and improved, it’s a more eco-friendly version of traditional PU leather. This process requires less energy, no exhaust fumes, and significantly less water consumption. EPU has met international standards such as REACH and RoHS, which basically means that its responsibly made and held to certain standards for waste, hazardous materials, as well as human and environmental protection.

Our designs are 100% Vegan… I stress Vegan because some PU products are not cruelty free and use genuine leather to create a hybrid, even the suede material we use on some of our bags is Vegan. We are working on experimenting with some new leather alternatives on the market made from mushrooms, vegetables, and fruit! However, it does take a lot of time in testing to ensure that we will not compromise on our quality by transitioning to these materials.

Yes! Our suede lining that comes on some of our designs is Micro-Suede- which is an animal free alternative to suede. It looks and feels just like suede but doesn’t harm any animals in the making.


Thank you so much for your interest in working with Glass Ladder & Co! Although we aren't looking to work with any influencers at this time, if you send us an email to with your social media handles, we will certainly keep your information on file for future collaborations. We are looking to start working with various influencers in the near future so I will definitely keep your contact information. :)

Wishing you all the best and tons of success!

xo -Megan

Thank you for your interest in our designs. Yes we do! If you are interested please visit the "WHOLESALE" landing page in the footer section of our website for more information. After filling out the Wholesale Form, we will be able to approve you as a wholesaler so that you can access the Wholesale Pricing and buy in bulk directly off our website. Please let us know via email if you have any questions regarding customization or custom product designs and know that the minimum is 1,000+ depending on the customization you are looking to make. Let us know what you are looking for and we will let you know what we’re able to do for you!