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Our Story

It’s actually a funny story how we got the name “Glass Ladder & Co.”… when we first founded the business I was desperately trying to come up with a brand name for weeks! I became fixated on this and after several weeks of brainstorming, I had just about lost hope I’d ever think of something creative. One day soon after, in the middle of the night, I woke up and grabbed Daniel and said “Glass Ladder and Co!” and then went back to sleep. I still don’t really know how it came to me… I like to think it was some sort of cosmic signal- Haha.


The name Glass Ladder & Co. symbolizes the dismantling of the ubiquitous “glass ceiling” in place of something better, a community that strives to lift other women up through education, motivation, and empowerment.


We don’t believe in “glass ceilings”, we believe in “glass ladders” because we know your potential for growth is unlimited. Our Vegan Leather designs are meant to inspire women to take their health, wealth, and happiness into their own hands. Fostering a community to help each other up, not keep one another down, because when women support each other incredible things happen.


I was always interested in fashion, when I first graduated from college I worked for a fashion and beauty PR Firm. When I was a kid I used to pretend I had my own clothing line named “If Only” I used to sketch my own designs- they were completely terrible but I had a great imagination. When my parents bought my sisters and I a sewing machine one year, I started cutting up my clothes I didn’t like anymore and sewing them back together to make something new. I always had an entrepreneurial mindset, my ambitions just changed over the years… at one point I wanted to be a choreographer, at another point I wanted to be an actress. I knew I never wanted a traditional job and that I wanted to be able to have an impact on others, it just took me time to find my true calling. I worked for a very popular handbag designer (Michael Kors) for years. It was here that I learned about the construction on handbags, different styles and purposes, and most important- the detriment of the leather industry.


When I first thought of the idea for GLC I was working in Marketing. I was so frustrated with the lack of professional women’s accessories… I felt like they were all very masculine or outdated. I felt very strongly that women shouldn’t have to downplay their fashion sense to blend into the corporate world. Decades ago it used to be a faux pas to wear pink in the corporate world, and although this is totally acceptable now, I feel like so many women feel pressured to sacrifice their personal style to keep up a professional image. It was my mission to create something that allowed women to be professional, stylish, and empowered all at the same time.


I started brainstorming ideas and Daniel just jumped on board with me from Day 1. We worked hand in hand to build this company from the ground up. Daniel was a born salesman, hustling from day 1 selling supplements at the gym and flipping products on Craigslist. So when he saw the opportunity to build a business together, he was just as excited about the idea as I was. Today Daniel oversees our logistics (finance, importing, warehouse & fulfillment, and manufacturing) while I work on design and marketing!


We took 4 months of planning before launching the business officially on June 30th, 2017.


Deciding to use environmentally friendly products was just a no brainer for us. As business owners, we feel like we have a responsibility to make conscious choices. Businesses have such a large scale impact on the environment and animal cruelty, it’s so important to be aware of the impact you’re making (whether positive or negative). We spent several months just researching different materials, manufacturing processes and the impact they have. We wrote a detailed blog post about why we chose Vegan Leather that you can find here.

All of our products are named after influential women. Whether chosen for their impact on society, female empowerment, the business world, or the environment every woman has been chosen for a unique reason. These women are typically icons and people that I strongly admire. Just to name a few of these incredible women: Estee Lauder, Sarah Breedlove (Madam C. J. Walker), Princess Diana, Katherine Johnson, Michelle Obama, (and many more!)

I think we are truly capable of amazing things if we set our minds to it, Glass Ladder & Co is all about supporting and encouraging women to chase their dreams or to build their empire… and to do it in style. Don’t be afraid to be authentically you and don’t apologize for beating to the tune of your own drum! Wear pink to the office, create your own business, fight for that promotion, do your job just as well if not BETTER than your male counterparts… and do it all in heels 😉 or flats, whatever footwear you’re into. Because you shouldn’t have to cater to be what people want you to be, just be you and that is extraordinary.