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NOW AVAILABLE: 0% Interest Financing Options with Klarna

May 17, 2019 3 min read

NOW AVAILABLE: 0% Interest Financing Options with Klarna


We are excited to officially announce the launch of Klarna x Glass Ladder & Co! Klarna will now allow our customers to finance their purchases or set up installments on their purchases with 0% Interest options available. We now have not one, but TWO different options for financing- because we know financing is NOT one-size-fits-all. Read more on the two different payment plans now available and our most “Frequently Asked Questions” regarding Klarna Payments.



“Slice It in 4”:

The traditional Klarna payment option allows you to “Slice” your payment into 4 equal payments. There is no credit application required, no effect on your credit score, and no fees or interest with this option. The only fee you would encounter is a late fee (if your schedule payment fails or is declined.) The 1st payment made at the time of purchase, while the following payments proceed on a 2 week increment (every 2 weeks). These payments do not require manual scheduling and will auto debit from your account on the scheduled date!


“Klarna Credit”:

This option allows for Flexible Month to Month Payments and is essentially a credit card. This option does require an application and may affect your credit score. This option allows for more flexibility because there is no fixed term, you are only required to make your minimum payment (which is calculated based on your credit score, reported income, and purchase value). This option also does have interest applied to your purchase. The standard interest rate for Klarna Credit is 19.99% APR and is also based off your application information. Klarna Credit Lines are issued by WebBank and start with a minimum line of at least $300, but you may be approved for a higher limit based on your credit score and other provided info.



While there is interest on this credit line, there is no annual fee, just make your payment each month! You will be charged interest based on the information provided at the time of application. You may be charged a late fee for late payments and this information can be reported to the main credit reporting agencies.

You can read the full terms regarding Klarna Credit accounts HERE!


Where else can I use my Klarna Credit Line?

If you apply and are approved for Klarna Credit, you can use your credit line on other Klarna retail partner’s websites also. You can search for retailers through the Klarna App. Some of the most notable Klarna retailers include ZARA, TOPSHOP, SEPHORA, and more.



Does Klarna Financing work with Pre-Orders?

Unfortunately, Klarna financing is not compatible with pre-orders at this time.


Does Klarna Financing work with Wholesale?

Yes! Klarna is compatible with wholesale purchases. You can either split your purchase into 4 equal payments with 0% interest, or you can apply for Klarna Credit and make more comfortable payments over a longer period of time (up to 12 months!) Klarna Credit does charge interest but offers 0% interest options if you pay your full balance within 6 months of purchase (only applicable on purchases of $300+). Keep in mind Klarna is not compatible with pre-orders.

How do I return or exchange a purchase if I use Klarna?

To return or exchange an item that was purchased with Klarna, you would follow our standard return procedure. You would start by filling out ourReturn/Exchange Request Form. After filling out this form a customer support agent will review your request to make sure you fall within ourReturn/Exchange policy and deadline. They will then contact you to notify you of your request status! If your request was approved you will receive a return label to send the item back to our warehouse. Once received at the warehouse, Klarna will refund the customer directly. If processing an exchange for an item with a difference in price- Klarna will adjust the amount of your payments or balance automatically! If your return is being shipped to the warehouse you can pause further payments by contacting Klarna directly through their Mobile App.



Which plan is best for me?

If you do not want your credit to be affected, “Slice it in 4” is the option for you! This splits your purchase into 4 equal payments, requires no application, and charges 0% interest. For some added flexibility and comfort in your purchase!

If you're looking for some added flexibility and time, you may want to consider applying for Klarna Credit. This allows financing for up to 12 months, which does charge interest but offers 0% interest options if you pay your full balance within 6 months of purchase (only applicable on purchases of $300+). Ideal for wholesale customers, holiday shopping, or when you just need a little more time.

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