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The Terrazzo Travel Wallet: Fall CAUSEBOX Partnership

October 02, 2019 4 min read 1 Comment

The Terrazzo Travel Wallet: Fall CAUSEBOX Partnership

Have you seen the Terrazzo Travel Wallet? 

Designed by Australian illustrator Kristin Lubinski, this pattern was designed after the beautiful terrazzo streets of Italy! Terrazzo began being used over 500 years ago as a way of Italian workers to make the most of material that was left over from other projects.  This has since grown into a popular art form that has made its way to the United States, and is being re-created in a number of materials. And now- we’ve turned it into a travel wallet!

This exclusive product, distributed solely in partnership with CAUSEBOX is unique. Not just in it’s appearance either!

If you have one, look real close at the inside. If you do, you’ll notice that there are three D’s in “Laddder”


If you’ve already noticed this you’re probably curious about why! 

Everyone deals with challenges when chasing our dreams. But for a lot of people, challenges come and go. People are able to turn away from them, or work around them and know they’re a thing of the past. For one in five individuals, that just isn’t the case.

Because 1 in 5 individuals in the United States live with a disability.


I am one in five. As a legally blind adult, I have had to learn how to navigate a world not meant for people without vision. I have. And I do. But, like most people living with these impairments, I needed support, training and encouragement. Chasing my dreams had to start by learning how to do so in a world that wasn’t made for me. From the age of 5, I spent the majority of my school aged life not just learning algebra or science, but how to live as someone who can’t see. 

Without support, I couldn’t do the things I love. I couldn’t be writing this right now without the training and technology to empower me to do so. My role in customer service is one I can do, because of the support I have received through various agencies in my lifetime! That’s why the Terrazzo Wallet’s meaning matters so much to me!

The Division of Developmental Disabilities is a division (or department) in most states that offers supportive services for people with disabilities. DDD connects their population to various service providers that support the needs of their community. 

Easterseals is one of them. A 501c3 non-profit organization, Easterseals has been providing services to DDD’s population for over 100 years. This program addresses developmental disabilities from all angles through over 69 different programs. They provide services for children, young adults, adults, seniors, veterans and caregivers! Easterseals recognizes disabilities at each point in life, and even considers the need to support for those who love and encourage family members with disabilities! Their “full family” approach makes a true difference. Reaching over 1.5 million people, their nationwide impact is enormous!

The full scale approach that Easterseals offers provides support for all different types of individuals within the DDD’s community. From Autism, Downs Syndrome to mental health disabilities, blindness, spina bifida and a multitude of other disabilities, Easterseals starts with early intervention services for young children, offering a childcare option for parents that incorporates the therapies kids need to reach the big moments in their life. Creating a space that allows children to have a normal daycare experience, with the supports they need built right in makes a manageable experience for parents, and a life changing experience for kids!

Young adults are able to learn about the job skills training they need to be independent and successful. And with social / recreation groups, the social connections that may be hard to forge on their own are made possible in a space designed for the individual needs of each participant. There is a unique solidarity found in overcoming challenges together; an incredible opportunity Easterseals offers. Easterseals Thrive is a support group that is particularly structured to support women with disabilities who are experiencing transitions in their lives. We all know transitions are hard! And this extra support encourages, empowers and supports women in the DDD community. 

For all ages there are day care programming options that allow individuals to get out, get social and gain skills to reach their goals. This also allows for caregivers to get the pause they need to be the best they can for their loved one. Even offering specialized residential projects, individuals can have a sense of living on their own while still having the supports they need. This unique structure offers security to family members while encouraging independence.

To be given a renewed sense of independence can mean everything to an individual and/or their family. Easterseals’ mission statement says it all….


In schools, workplaces and communities, we’re fostering environments where everyone is included and valued — with a real and positive impact on us all. Join us in ensuring that everyone – regardless of age or ability – is 100% included and 100% empowered”.


The three D’s in Ladder is a part of this exclusive, limited edition wallet and symbolizes our support of this program, this community and this purpose. 15% of all proceeds from this partnership will be donated to Easterseals in support of the incredible work they do to change the lives of individuals throughout our country. Empowerment is for everyone; and this wallet stands for exactly that. 

Thank you to each of you who have supported this initiative and purpose! This project is close to my heart and all of us at Glass Ladder & Co!




Glass Ladder & Co                                                 
Customer Support Team

1 Response

Heidi Worlton
Heidi Worlton

October 03, 2019

As the mother of someone (perhaps 2) on the spectrum, and someone who is dyskexic, this makes me love the wallet even more!! I use it every day. Thanks for making such great products!

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