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Now Offering 3 High Quality Vegan Leather Materials!

August 05, 2019 2 min read

Now Offering 3 High Quality Vegan Leather Materials!

We aim to offer a selection of different high quality vegan leathers across our various designs. We have recently launched our first design in "saffiano grain" vegan leather. These variations of our classic vegan leather offer all the same cruelty free benefits but have their own unique benefits and features.

You may notice that there are different looks and feels for some of our different products. The texture and type of vegan leather used plays a large part in this!



This vegan leather is a soft and textured material that has been used in several products, including bestseller, The Megan Portfolio Clutch. This material has very subtle bumps that can be felt, while offering this “soft to touch” feeling. While this material is resilient, it does stain more easily then some of our other products. Items made of this material do require a bit more care to ensure they are not damaged or stained. This material is also the most forgiving, so there is a bit of flexibility in “how full” you can fill your clutch! Aside from it’s soft feeling, and forgiving material, we also love the way this vegan leather looks! The matte finish of these products make for a picture perfect product, with a luxurious feel to it.


Products made with this material:

  • The Megan
  • The Megan XL
  • Marilyn Mini




Our smooth vegan leather with a gloss finish is quite a bit different. This material has a glossy look and feel to it for that sleek fashionista looking to “wow” those around her. The interior of these products is made with a super soft micro suede protective material. This micro-suede offers scratch protection for your favorite electronics! This material is more durable and holds it's shape and structure more resiliently. Additionally, this material is slightly more scratch and stain resistant than our pebbled material. For all you commuters, or ladies who are a bit tough on some of your favorite bags, this may be the perfect material for you. Durable, sturdy, and easy to clean.


Products made with this material:

  • The Marilyn
  • The Hepburn
  • The Jackie





This material is our newest addition to the family! Released for the first time with the Amelia, this cross hatched material has a tougher texture to it, offering a durable but still beautiful design. This material is covered with a water resistant wax coating, which makes it even more resilient against stains and scratches. This material is also coated with RFID anti-skimming technology.


This coating keeps all of your information safe while in high traffic areas. Keep you identity and credit card information protected from high tech scanners programmed to copy your private information. Made for travel, or even daily use, we love that the Amelia can withstand more than any of our other materials to date! The Amelia is the most scratch and stain resistant of them all.


Products made with this material:

  • The Amelia
  • The Estee 
  • The Estee Mini

What material is your favorite of them all?

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