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Packaging: Repurposed

Packaging: Repurposed

Your product arrives in the mail. As you unbox your recent purchase you are flooded with the excitement of receiving your new product. You cast aside the tissue paper, box, and inserts... and immediately shift your attention to your new fashion accessory.

After capturing the perfect IG story selfie, you return to the packaging mess only to realize the waste in just tossing it in the trash. You could recycle it, but there’s nothing to stop you from re-using it instead.

We love sharing the different aspects of creating our packaging with an eco-friendly focus. But we just gotta tell you about some of our favorite re-purposing ideas for packaging.


Dust Bags

This part of our packaging has lots of great ways to re-use this. There is, of course, the obvious purpose of storing your GLC products. But if you’re going to use your products often, this may not make sense. Instead, you could use these to...

  • Travel with shoes! Taking a pair of flats to change into after a long commute? Or packing those favorite pumps for a night out on your next adventure?  Store your favorite shoes inside this bag to avoid making a mess of your tote, backpack or suitcases!
  • Headed away for the weekend? You can use your dust bag to store extra purse/bag accessories to avoid damage during travel.
  • Have you ever had your bag searched at the airport? If so, you probably worried about whether or not your smallest essentials would get lost in the shuffle. Well, your dust bag can prevent that worry! Pack makeup, jewelry boxes or other small items inside this bag and keep them securely contained. This is also super helpful for keeping smaller packed items consolidated and organized! (Most ideal for the Small/Medium sized dustbags.)

Tissue Paper

This one is pretty easy. Gifting gurus this is for you! Use your tissue paper again to wrap or cover gifts in a pinch. But that’s just the beginning...

  • You can also use the tissue paper to stuff inside of bags that you are storing to help keep their form. 
  • Tissue paper is also great for adding a protective buffer when traveling with breakable items!
  • Packaging parcels or packages to send to friends or family. Hate the feeling of your items being loosely stored in a box or envelope? Use tissue paper to avoid shifting during shipment. 
  • Tissue paper can also be re-used for storage purposes. If you want to protect items, but need to use your dust bags for something else, tissue paper is a great alternative option.Related image 


What’s great about boxes is that there are tons of things to use them for. From storage to gift packaging- boxes are the best! With so many different functional options, boxes can be used far and wide!

  • The first and probably most obvious option is storage. Boxes are another great item to use to safely store your clutches, bags, and other items.
  • Use them to send something to a friend! Boxes are awesome because they are durable and can be reused multiple times. You can even send the same box back and forth a few times, just cover the old label with the new one!
  • Packing :). Moving? Re-organizing? Use our boxes to store items that you want to be kept safe from the tussle of these experiences! You can also donate/offer them to a friend or co-worker who is moving. Extra boxes are ALWAYS helpful when moving! 
  • This may not be one of your first thoughts, but nonetheless it’s a good one :). Give it to your pets. Cats and birds in particular love boxes! Lay a small towel or blanket in the bottom and let this be the perfect comfy spot for your pet :). This is extra helpful if you have a kitty that likes to lay in places where she maybe shouldn’t. For birds or small mammals, you can cut out holes and "doors" for them in the boxes! 

Packing Slip Holders

This one can be a bit harder to re-purpose. However, it’s great if you want to gift a GLC product to someone :). You can leave the packing slip in this, so they have order information if they need to contact us for order support. This is easy to do because we purposely do not include the pricing information on the packing list in case you want to provide this to your gift recipient for easy exchanges and returns. Or, you can even use this neat little folder to put your own personal note in with your gift! 


Starch Plastic Wrapping

This can be a bit more challenging to re-purpose as well. However, this can absolutely be used to protect items, fill in empty spaces in boxes or bags, or be used to protect the interior of your favorite GLC products! (Or any purse that you are storing for that matter).

There are all kinds of creative ways to re-purpose all of the different packaging materials we use. And for the times when there just isn’t, always remember to recycle these materials :).

Do you have a great idea for how to re-use some of these materials that we didn’t mention here? Comment down below and let us know!

Need more ideas? Contact our support team. Reach out to us at or leave a message in our chat box below!

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